Learning with Pleasure

Arivu is an innovative school based in Mysore. At Arivu learning is activity based, collaborative and relevant to everyday life. Education is not limited to classroom and knowledge is not limited to books.

Why Arivu ?

Highlights of learning at Arivu School.

  • Activity based learning
  • Thematic study (Interdisciplinary approach).
  • Community culture
  • Focus on learning from and learning about nature
  • No school uniform, no written rule book.
  • No inclination towards any particular ideology/philosophy yet staying abreast with latest development in learning sciences and educational reforms.
  • Healthy living (fruity Fridays, organic food awareness, physical activities like trekking).
  • More than 30 resource persons (and visiting faculties) involved in teaching various things.
  • Every day first half day is for curricular and second half for co and extra curricular, although quite often there is a lot of overlap.

Arivu Documentary

A conceptual overview of arivu.


Minister speaks about arivu school in an interview