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We do not have any rigid philosophy. While different members in team bring different influences ranging from Nai Taleem of Mahatma Gandhi to paradigm shift proposed by Ken Robinson, but as a school have not committed ourselves to one particular ideology.

What should be our Educational Philosophy ?

If at all there is some guiding principle that holds true at Arivu – it is “Learning with pleasure”. Learning is a joyful activities. We all love to learn, we all live to learn. Hence our approach in school and elsewhere is aligned with this simple idea.

Early childhood is a precious time and it is very important that the child enjoys the process of learning new things, which actually come to them naturally unless destroyed by parents and schools. Arivu attempts to impart learning in a light yet meaningful and effective way.

Environment is a key part of all our activities at Arivu because perhaps unless we save our environment, there is no hope or need for saving anything else.

Some of our common beliefs are :-

  • Learning should be a happy experience
  • Environment should be key focus area of education
  • Learning happens best through activities
  • A school must question prevalent systems and processes
  • Learning is not limited to classroom
  • Children learn in different ways and thus school must expose children to different experiences of learning
  • Good education can well be affordable
  • Collaboration is an important skill
  • A child must walk out of school with confidence and self dependency

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