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The Beginning

Angst and frustration against current, primarily British education system is not a new phenomenon. Mahatma Gandhi warned us against its ill effect as early as in 1908.

Arivu began in 2008 with very few students in a small farm shared by a friend.

A group of friends who have been feeling the hurt of current factory model of schooling on their child happen to gather at a tea stall after watching Tare Zameen Par. That was the beginning of the idea.

Since then, many more friends have joined in to create what is today’s Arivu. Some contributed through ideas, others through land, some through money others through time.

Arivu is a shared endeavor of a group of parents, teachers, students and citizens to explore possibilities of a better education system, a more sustainable life style and a culture of respect, joy and proud.

Since the establishment of the school in a farm of a friend in the year 2008, the school has come a long way. Now the school has its own campus – thanks to its well wishers and supporters, it has a staff of around 25 (which includes teachers, visiting faculty, resource persons and admin) and around 40 students.

The school is now all set to transform into a learning centre. It’ll host a resource centre for community, a school , a butterfly park in an environmental friendly campus.

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