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At Arivu school we follow the pedagogy of active learning i.e. learning through doing and thematic study.

We learn when we do. This has been an ancient wisdom and is also the conclusion of most modern researches. Lecturing students as if they were empty vessels to be filled has proven ineffective and detrimental.

Our students at Arivu learn through experience, through doing, conducting experiments, making models, visiting historical and natural places, observing birds and plants, discussing, playing and many such activities.

We have also adopted “thematic study”. In thematic study, a theme is decided for 3 months and students learn all aspects of this theme. This makes learning more realistic (connected to real life) and integrated. For e.g. two of our themes were Water and Color themes. In water theme students learnt all aspects of water. The maths of it, science of it. Songs were learnt about water ,a drama was presented, environmental aspect was discussed and so on.

Activity based Learning at Arivu

We use the latest multimedia technologies, platforms such as Youtube education, Khan Academy. We also value tradition, culture and our ancient wisdom. Being proud, comfortable and competent in mother tongue is one of the key focus.

School is not limited to building but extends to the sky. As the school is located in the beautiful surroundings of Lingambuddhi Bird Sanctuary, we make best use of all thats available to us. We visit to the nearby lake, go for natures walk or just play in the sand outside. Learning with pleasure, without pressure is our attempt.

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