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While the world debates on reality of Global Warming and Climate Crisis, we at Arivu have taken our stand. We want to save, preserve and revive our ecology. At Arivu, environment and education are our top priority.

Why Environment is our Focal point ? 

Environment is our key focus at Arivu

It doesn’t take any scientific explanation but just a cursory look around our everyday life to realize that our lives today are “environment unfriendly” to say the least. Our solutions are based on consumerism and our life styles are unsustainable. Right from the way we are consuming fossil fuels to the way we are disturbing wild life due to our activities, we are certainly not acting as responsible habitant of this planet.

While one can perhaps about argue the degree of environmental degradation caused by us but there is no dispute about our damaging socio-economic systems.

How does Arivu take care of Environment ? 

Environment is key focus in all our decisions and moves. We have been very conscious of our impact and try to minimize and offset it. Right from our buildings to our curriculum, we ensure that environment takes the key role. Our buildings are environment friendly. We use rain water harvesting. We do not use lights or fans in any of our classes. (They are designed to provide natural cooling and natural lighting). We are in process of planting plants and trees that are indigenous to the area.

Arivu conducts awareness and educational drives related to environment regularly for students of Arivu school and for public.

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