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Arivu has taken various initiatives to support environment.

Environment friendly campus

Arivu school’s campus is located in beautiful and natural surroundings of Lingambudhi bird sanctuary in Mysore. As we have lot of butterflies, birds and snakes as our visiting faculty often, we had to ensure that our campus is not a threat to their homes nearby.

a) Hollow Mud Blocks

Our buildings are made up of environment friendly “hollow mud blocks”. The use of concrete has been kept to minimum and only the most essential buildings have been built.

b) Rain Water Harvesting

School campus has a large underground tank and two surface tanks that harvest rainwater which is then used for our daily purposes. As a school, we have decided against digging a borewell and instead use rainwater and village water sources for fulfilling our water requirements.

c) Indigenous plants and trees 

We have planted lot of local plants and trees which invite birds and butterfly from nearby bird sanctuary.

d) Butterfly Park

We have planted several plants that attract butterfly. In future, this will act as a small butterfly park.

e) Natural Lighting and Cooling

To reduce our energy consumption, we have not installed any fans or electric bulbs in any of our buildings. Instead, buildings are designed in a way to provide natural light and natural cooling.

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